Name: Houston, we have a take off

Commitee: Iliesiu Victor Luca

Coordinating teacher: Scurtu Florentina, Ioana Stoica

Target group: all students from "Tudor Vianu"
Nationaol High-School of Computer Science

Date: October 9, 2008

Venue: "Tudor Vianu" National High-School of Computer Science, Physics Laboratory

Attandendce: 9F, 9I, 9H, 10D, 10F, 11C students of "Tudor Vianu" High-School(about 120 students & 3 teachers)

� learning more about astronomy
� learning of future flight technologies
� learning about how to keep a Green Planet and how to recycle materials
� improving team-work
� having fun


"Houston, we have take-off" consisted of a team contest (building a model of a flying object) and of a presentation about future aeronautic techniques. The 6 teams which participated included 20 students:
� Andra (6th place)
� Io (2nd place)
� Luceafarul (3rd place)
� Dream Team (5th place)
� Nimrods (1st place)
� Fery (4th place)
The teams built a model of a flying object, which should have been made out of recyclable materials. Also each team needed to write an essay about there projects. The participants learned more about the universe, about future aeronautics technology and about ecology. Also after further discussions I have remarked a team-work improvement for all participants. All students were happy to participate and, while learning physics and astronomy, we had fun. The jury consisted of experienced students and of physics teacher, Ioana Stoica. The winners were rewarded with books, prom tickets and diplomas.
The activity continued with a presentation about the future of flight and finished with every interesting experiment. The experiment was an application of the Brownson effect and wanted to point out the possibility of a new flight technology.

View the movie of Io team:

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