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Astronomy vs. Astrology

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Dribbling on Mars

Physics gone wild

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Mini-Moonbuggy Race

Astronomy vs. Astrology

Venue: Physics laboratory, 1st floor

Contacts: Patricia Vilceanu 11D (

Letís talk about astronomy...or is it astrology?

It seems that a lot of people canít figure out why reading the horoscope in newspapers isnít the same with having an idea about the skyís secrets. Ever wondered about this? Help us distinct science from superstition in an intense debate on how the universe influences our behavior. Uncover the mysteries that bind astronomy and astrology and understand the misconceptions people tend to have. This ďastro-ď thing may be confusing at first, but we think that with a little help anyone could see the difference between the two ďastrosĒ! So please, join us in our quest of making the esoteric a trivial matter.