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Learning by teaching

Venue: "Eugen Lovinescu" High School, No. 178 School and kindergartens

Contacts: Turcu Despina, Stefan Iulia, Deleanu Roxana, Ion Cristina

In addition, several teams of dedicated high school students decided to go to kindergartens and primary schools to talk to the children about basic astronomy concepts, initiating them in the mysterious world outside out planet.

Here is the plan of one such team: ‘We've prepared a layout of galaxies and one of Saturn's with which we, a group of six students, will go in schools. So far, we already went to first and third grade. Our activity is based on an interactive and funny dialogue with the dwarfs (pupils). We will present them some curiosity and knowledge about the Universe (made for their ability to understand), we will talk about the projects we've participated at and, together, we will solve a task sheet. The class team and the teacher as well, will both receive a diploma for participating.’