Painting through the Universe!

Stars vs. Students

Lights, Camera… Universe!

Astronomy vs. Astrology

Closer view

Learning by teaching


Dribbling on Mars

Physics gone wild

Houston, we have a take off!

Mini-Moonbuggy Race

Dribbling on Mars

Venue: Physics laboratory, 1st floor

Contacts: Catalin Munteanu, Cosmin Stefan, Radu Iordache , Stan Adrian

Are you a sports fanatic? Do you dream of expanding your passions and skills to an intergalactic level? This is your chance to stand out and spread your enthusiasm!
Come and share your ideas through drawings and descriptions. Imagine how some of the sports existing today can be adapted to the conditions on other planets.
Did you know a man can fly with wings on Titan (a natural satellite of Saturn)? How do you think Harry would catch the golden snitch in a Titan version game of Quidditch?
Bring your craziest fantasies to life! Make up new rules, new games for the colonists of tomorrow!