Painting through the Universe!

Stars vs. Students

Lights, Camera… Universe!

Astronomy vs. Astrology

Closer view

Learning by teaching


Dribbling on Mars

Physics gone wild

Houston, we have a take off!

Mini-Moonbuggy Race

Lights, Camera… Universe!

Venue: Physics laboratory, 1st floor

Contacts: Anda Vladoiu (;
Ioana Ferariu ( ;

Have you ever seen a movie and felt that a certain sequence just didn’t feel right?
Or have you ever wondered whether what you see in movies can actually be possible in real life? Let your voice be heard in a school debate on how thin the line between fiction and reality really is! If you feel inspired, come and let us know exactly what is wrong in a movie of your choice and why. Whether it’s about cuantic physics or common sense, we are all eager movie fanatics who would love to share your thoughts.